Lifts And Escalators Specialist - Test 1

About Lifts And Escalators Specialist - Test 1

It is important to maintain lifts and elevators so they are safe to use. This test ensures you understand the potential hazards when carrying jobs within this sector

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Q. 1

How Should Your Employer Provide You With Information About Site Traffic Rules? Give One Answer

Identify One Of The Most Common Causes Of Death And Injury On A Construction Site. Give One Answer

Who Is Allowed To Safely Release Trapped Passengers? Give One Answer

How Should You Connect A Car Light Supply To A 240 Volt Supply (240 Volt Fused Spur)? Give One Answer

Which Statement Is True When Working On An Energised Car? Give One Answer

What Is The Last Thing You Should Do Before Getting Off A Car Top Through Open Landing Doors When The Car-Top Control Is Within 1 M Of The Landing Threshold? Give One Answer

What Is The Main Hazard When Working In An Excavation? Give One Answer

When Should An Excavation Be Battered Back Or Stepped? Give One Answer

What Does The Word Sensitiser Mean On The Packaging Of A Substance? Give One Answer

Identify Which Of The Following Signs Is Associated With A Substance Being Toxic If Swallowed Or Inhaled? Give One Answer


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