HS&E Specialists Supervisor - Test 1

About HS&E Specialists Supervisor - Test 1

This test is designed to help construction workers gain the necessary knowledge and skills to become a specialist supervisor within their field of work

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Q. 1

How Long Must You Keep Inspection Records Under The Construction (Design And Management) Regulations 2015? Give One Answer

What Does A Coshh Assessment Tell You? Give One Answer

Which Piece Of Equipment Is Used With A Cable Avoidance Tool (Cat) To Detect Cables? Give One Answer

How Could A Site Worker Check If The Residual Current Device (Rcd) Through Which A 230 Volt Hand Tool Is Connected To The Supply Is Working Correctly? Give One Answer

Where Should An Emergency Escape Route Take You To? Give One Answer

Which Of The Following Is A Significant Hazard When Excavating Alongside A Building Or Structure? Give One Answer

Under The Construction (Design And Management) Regulations 2015, Who Must The Principal Designer Pass The Health And Safety File To On Completion Of The Construction Project? Give One Answer

The Significant Findings Of Risk Assessments Must Be Recorded When How Many People Are Employed? Give One Answer

In Considering What Measures To Take To Protect People Against Risks To Their Health And Safety, How Should You Regard Personal Protective Equipment (Ppe)? Give One Answer

If A Sub-Contracted Worker Is 17 Years Old, What Must The Employer Provide Them With? Give One Answer


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