HS&E Specialists Demolition - Test 1

About HS&E Specialists Demolition - Test 1

The specialist demolition test includes questions on specialist demolition knowledge. In other terms, it is a security check to access construction sites and is a must for construction students.

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Q. 1

What Should You Do While Reversing Mobile Plant If You Lose Sight Of The Vehicle Marshaller Who Is Directing You? Give One Answer

What Should You Do When Leaving Mobile Plant Unattended? Give One Answer

Which Statement Is True With Regard To Using Machines? Give One Answer

Which Of The Following Is Not Generally Part Of A Plant OperatorS Daily Pre-Use Check? Give One Answer

Which Of These Statements Is True In Relation To An Operator Of A Scissor Lift? Give One Answer

On Demolition Sites, What Must The Drivers Of Plant Have, For Their Own And Others Safety? Give One Answer

What Do Guard-Rails Around The Top Of An Excavation Prevent? Give One Answer

What Is The Safest Way To Get Into And Out Of A Deep Excavation? Give One Answer

What Does It Mean If A Run Of Coloured Marker Tape Is Found When Digging? Give One Answer

What Equipment Should Be Used When Digging Near To Underground Electrical Services? Give One Answer


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