HVACR (Refrigeration & Air Conditioning) Specialist - Test 1

About HVACR (Refrigeration & Air Conditioning) Specialist - Test 1

This test ensures you understand the potential hazards you may face when working within the refrigeration and air conditioning sector

Check Your Knowledge With Quick Mock of Health, Safety & Environment HVACR (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning) Specialist test

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Q. 1

Why Must You Never Use Oxygen When Pressure Testing? Give One Answer

What Should You Ensure When Pressure Testing With Nitrogen? Give One Answer

When Planning A Lifting Operation How Should The Sequence Of Operations To Enable A Safe Lift Be Confirmed? Give One Answer

Which Of These Items Of Personal Protective Equipment (Ppe) Is Designed To Protect Against Infrared Radiation Damage To The Eyes During Flame Cutting Or Welding? Give One Answer

Cement-Based Roofing Sheets Are A Common Material Which Can Often Contain What Hazardous Substance? Give One Answer

What Is The Main, Immediate Hazard From Kneeling Directly On Wet Cement? Give One Answer

What Does A Coshh Assessment Cover? Give One Answer

Who Should Explain The Health Risks And Safe Method Of Work You Need To Follow (The Coshh Assessment) Before You Start Work With A Hazardous Substance? Give One Answer

What Is The First Thing You Should Do If You Find An Unmarked Container That You Think Might Contain Chemicals? Give One Answer

The Use Of Respiratory Protective Equipment (Rpe) Is Most Likely Required In Which Environment? Give One Answer


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