HS&E Specialists Highway Work - Test 1

About HS&E Specialists Highway Work - Test 1

The health, safety and environment specialist highway works test should be taken by those who construct highways and are always working at heights. You’ll understand the potential risks and hazards of the job

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Q. 1

When Providing Portable Traffic Signals On Roads Used By Cyclists, What Action Should You Take? Give One Answer

What Traffic Management Is Required When Carrying Out A Maintenance Job On A Motorway? Give One Answer

What Is The Minimum Traffic Management Required When Carrying Out A Short-Term Minor Maintenance Job In A Quiet, Low-Speed Side Road? Give One Answer

What Is The Maximum Distance Between The Roadworks Ahead Signs For Work Activities That Move Along The Carriageway, Such As Sweeping, Verge Mowing And Road Lining? Give One Answer

What Should You Do If Drivers Approaching Highway Works Cannot See The Advance Signs Clearly Because Of Poor Visibility Or Obstructions Caused By Road Features? Give One Answer

You Are Visiting A Site Where An Active Asbestos Removal Enclosure Has Been Set Up. Which Of The Following Would Indicate That It Is Operating Efficiently? Give One Answer

How Should A Worker Stand If They Need To Lift A Load From The Floor? Give One Answer

What Does A Fire Need To Burn, In Addition To Heat And Fuel Give One Answer

A Forklift Truck Is Blocking The Way To Where You Want To Go On Site. It Is Lifting Materials On To A Scaffold. What Should You Do? Give One Answer

You Have To Carry Out An Inspection At Height, Using A Cherry Picker. When Would You Not Clip Yourself To The Machine Using A Restraint Lanyard? Give One Answer


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