HVACR Services & Facilities Specialist - Test 1

About HVACR Services & Facilities Specialist - Test 1

This test is designed for construction workers who want to become specialists within the facilities and services sector

Check Your Knowledge With Quick Mock of Health, Safety & Environment HVACR (Services And Facilities) Specialist Test

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Q. 1

When Arriving At An Occupied Building, Who Or What Should You Consult To Find Out About Any Asbestos In The Premises Before Starting Work? Give One Answer

Where Might You Find Information On The Safe Way To Maintain The Services In A Building? Give One Answer

What Is The Primary Use For A Spill Kit? Give One Answer

Why Should Construction Materials Be Recycled? Give One Answer

When A Historic Building Has Been Protected By Law, What Is It Known As? Give One Answer

Following What Kind Of Risk Assessment Is The Best Way To Prevent Pollution On A Construction Site? Give One Answer

What Does It Mean When A Building Has Been Issued With Listed Status? Give One Answer

What Should You Do If You See This Label On A Container Or Packaging? Give One Answer

What Are Round Red And White Signs With A Diagonal Line? Give One Answer

What Should You Do If You Find Pigeon Droppings And Nests In An Area Where You Are Required To Work? Give One Answer


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