HVACR (Heating and Plumbing) Specialist -Test 1

About HVACR (Heating and Plumbing) Specialist -Test 1

This test ensures you understand the correct health and safety measures and are able to minimize any potentials hazards that may occur in relation to heating and plumbing

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Q. 1

What Should You Do When Using A Blowtorch Near To Flexible Pipe Lagging? Give One Answer

What Should You Do When Using A Blowtorch Near To Timber? Give One Answer

Which One Of These Is True In Relation To The Safe Working Load (Swl) Of Lifting Equipment? Give One Answer

You Are Required To Take Up A Length Of Floorboard To Install Pipework. Which Of The Following Tools Should You Use? Give One Answer

When Drilling, Cutting, Sanding Or Grinding What Is The Best Way To Protect Your Long-Term Health? Give One Answer

What Has To Be Displayed On A Construction Site Where A Project Is Notifiable Under The Requirements Of The Construction (Design And Management) Regulations 2015? Give One Answer

When Do The Construction (Design And Management) Regulations 2015 Require An Excavation To Be Inspected By A Competent Person? Give One Answer

The Significant Findings Of A Risk Assessment Reveal A Risk To Health Or Safety Of Site Staff. What Measure Should Always Be Considered First? Give One Answer

What Is It Likely To Mean If The Soil Gives Off A Strange Smell When Digging? Give One Answer

For The Use Of Respiratory Protective Equipment (Rpe), Why Is Face-Fit Testing Important? Give One Answer


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