HVACR (Ductwork) Specialist - Test 1

About HVACR (Ductwork) Specialist - Test 1

The Ductwork test is designed to help construction site workers be qualified to handle works related to ducts. It will also ensure you understand the potential hazards when on the job

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Q. 1

What Should Employers Check Regularly If You Are Working With Hazardous Substances? Give One Answer

A Worker Is Using A New Substance When They Start To Feel Ill. What Should The Worker Do? Give One Answer

When Working Through A Construction Health And Safety Checklist, Which Of These Hazardous Substances Should Be Identified? Give One Answer

Which Of The Following Tasks Could Place A Worker At The Greatest Risk Of Lead Poisoning, If Control Measures Were Not Put In Place? Give One Answer

What Action Should Be Taken If You Notice A Cylinder Of Liquid Petroleum Gas (Lpg) Is Leaking? Give One Answer

A First Aider Is Required To Have Which One Of The Following? Give One Answer

Which Of The Following Best Describes An Assembly Point? Give One Answer

How Would You Expect To Find Out The Location Of The Emergency Assembly Point? Give One Answer

What Is Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (Havs)? Give One Answer

Which Of These Signs Should Be Used To Identify An Emergency Escape Route? Give One Answer


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