HS&E Working at Height Specialists - Test 1

About HS&E Working at Height Specialists - Test 1

Working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries. This test will ensure you have the knowledge and understand the practical measures to reduce the risk of any of their workers falling while working at height

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Q. 1

During Site Induction You Do Not Understand Something The Presenter Says. What Should You Do? Give One Answer

What Does A Risk Assessment Identify? Give One Answer

Where Will You Find Out About Emergency Assembly Points? Give One Answer

If You Find An Injured Person And You Are On Your Own, What Is The First Priority? Give One Answer

Welding Is About To Start On The Site You Are Visiting. What Should Be Provided To Prevent Passers-By From Getting Arc Eye? Give One Answer

Who Must Be Legally Notified Of A Death, Specified Injury, Dangerous Occurrence Or Over Seven-Day Injury On A Site? Give One Answer

The Legionella Bacteria That Cause Legionnaires Disease Are Most Likely To Be Found In Which Of The Following? Give One Answer

What Additional Training Could Be Provided To Supervisors And Managers To Help Them Spot The Signs Of Mental Illness? Give One Answer

Who Has A Role To Play In Promoting Fairness, Inclusion And Respect In The Construction Industry? Give One Answer

When Working In Cold Weather, What Additional Measures Can You Wear Under Your Hard Hat? Give One Answer


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