HS&E Specialists Plumbing or Gas - Test 1

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Q. 1

What Piece Of Equipment Would You Use To Find Out Whether A Section Of Solid Wall That You Are About To Drill Into Contains Electric Cables? Give One Answer

When Is It Safe To Transport Workers To The Workplace In The Rear Of A Van? Give One Answer

Which Is The Safest Method Of Transporting Long Lengths Of Copper Pipe By Van? Give One Answer

If Lifting A Roll Of Code 5 Sheet Lead, What Is The First Thing You Should Do? Give One Answer

What Should You Do If You Need To Move A Cast Iron Bath, But It Is Too Heavy To Lift By Yourself? Give One Answer

What Condition Could Be Prevented If You Wear The Correct Gloves While Handling A Hazardous Substance? Give One Answer

Exposure To Which Of The Following May Not Result In Lung Disease? Give One Answer

What Illness Might You Develop If You Breathe In Asbestos Dust? Give One Answer

How Would You Expect To Find Out The Location Of The Fire Assembly Point? Give One Answer

What Should You Do If The Head On Your Hammer Comes Loose? Give One Answer


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